a sex podcast where lust and learning meet


Whether you’re a 17-year old virgin or a BDSM kink master, this show is for you.

We all want to be good in bed, good allies to our trans friends, and get enthusiastic consent. But with no solid sex education for most Americans, we are not given the information we need to do those things. Our culture makes people feel ashamed for enjoying sex, shows traditional gender roles more often and than not, and doesn’t show different kinds of orientations.

We think that is pretty screwed up.

“You can’t be what you can’t see” (shout out Michelle Obama!) and we don’t see much when it comes to diverse kinds of sex. Instead of teaching people how to better understand one another, own their own pleasure, and set and respect boundaries, we expect them to just “figure it out”. Yikes! So how are we supposed to learn?

That’s where Insert Here comes in.

Insert Here is a sex podcast where lust and learning meet. Each week a new guest comes on the show to share the story of their sexual journey through candid storytelling. We explain all the terms we use so we can all get better at understanding, talking about, and having great sex. We go deep into how varied gender identity can be, how people of different orientations experience sex, and how race and religion impact life between the sheets.

From navigating polyamory to sex as a trans person, our guests share the raw truth of their sex lives outside the heteronormative and vanilla experiences.

There’s no such thing as “normal”. we’re here to prove it.

Join host Kate Warren for a wild ride through other people’s sex lives.